The importance of choosing the right color

On my image a scissors will be a central and important element/object, which is why the color of this is essential. Colors can be used as a metaphor and symbolism. I have researched the symbolic meaning of different colors. Below is the summery of the symbolic meaning of the colors that could be an option to use.


Red can be seen as a symbol for energy, war, danger, strength and power because it is the color of fire and blood and the red color is widely used to indicate danger as we see it used for stop signals, stoplights and fire equipment to trigger alertness. Furthermore the color can indicate courage, which is why the color is found in many national flags.

Further associations with the red color can be willpower, rage, anger and leadership.

Red is a color that catches your eye and brings images to the foreground.


Orange is vibrant. It is hot, healthy, fruity and engaging. Orange is the color of sunsets, vegetables, lowers, fish and a lot of citrus fruits. It is often associated with energy, cheer, health, excitement, adventure, warmth, autumn and off course the fruit ‘Orange’.

Furthermore orange is used as ‘Safety Orange’ for traffic cones and vests. Here the color is used a strong contrast to the azure blue color of the sky.

In my assignment

After comparing these two colors I will definitely use the color red for the scissors. That will catch the viewer’s eye and create a symbolic meaning of power, danger and courage.


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