Really nice work so far, I have to say! I really like that you used the woman as such a central element – she is very eye catching. I think you have chosen really good fonts for the ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ and even though the ‘negative’ part is black on grey, I think it works pretty well. The font you chose for ‘Self-talk’ is a bit to light, I would say. Try to find a bolder font that makes it clear that Self-talk is the headline instead of ‘positive’ and ‘negative’- right now they are more eyecathing than the actual headline. Overall I really like your work and I’m looking forward to seeing the final result!

I really like the composition you have used in this infographic. I like that you have centered the headline and that you have used clear ‘bobbles’ to show the process. The only think I don’t like as much as the rest of your work is the headline ‘Alcohol’. I find it very hard to see what the word is and to see what the icons are. Maybe you could incorporate some of the more mainstream icons that people combine with alcohol? I’m looking so muck forward to seeing your final infographic!

The vectors you have created so for are really nice – So detailed – I love that! I can definitely see your ‘problem’ and fear that the vectors will appear too small in the final infographic. Either you could make the instagram page almost as big as the A4, only with a little space left for the text, or maybe you could leave the idea of creating a real instagram profile that shows the pictures and instead use polaroid camera frames centred around the headline (just an idea you can work with maybe). Really good work and I’m sure that the final result are going to be great.

I really like your idea! I’m an exchange student as well so I know the problem. Would have loved to have your infographic with me on my flight. I like the draft of the headline and the use of the plane is a very good idea and shows the theme really well – reminds me of my own infographic I have made for this class actually. The composition could work as well, just make sure that there is the same amount of space around the icons. Have you considered putting the headline in the centre? – That could work really well too, I think. All in all I think you are doing great! I’m looking forward seeing the final result at to have your infographic with my on my way home later this semester.

Wow, overall I think it looks like something I could find in a magazine. I like the simplicity of the icons and that you have used one big headline and some small headlines for every ‘step’ that are really clear as well. I would suggest that you use typographies that are a bit more different from each other? The beauty, style and love are very similar. But really good work – I’m looking forward to seeing the final result!




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