To go study abroad is a difficult process with a lot of steps to fulfill before the final destination can be reached and the students get to study at their dream university. Every Danish education institution has its own procedure, which can be very confusing for the students. The intended communication objectives for this infographic was to create a clear visual overview showing the process for Danish students at Danish School of Media and Journalism (DMJX) who wants to study abroad.

To reach the communication objective, simplicity has been a key player. Simplicity has been used when choosing the font, the short descriptions and in creation of the icons in order to make the overview so clear and easy to read for the students as possible.

The creative headline in the middle gives associations to the two most important themes for this infographic: travelling and education. It consists of both text and icons that form a whole and clearly state what the infographic is about. The fonts itself gives an association to High School and school in general – so does the hat. The small plane is a consistent element in the whole infographic and gives an association to travelling.

The headline is placed in the center and is surrounded by the icons/different steps. The composition follows the clock and is clearly marked with numbers and a plane route that makes is easier for the viewer. Proximity has been used to create appropriate spatial connections and separations.

The headline consists of three different fonts: High School USA Serif, Edwardian Script ITC and MindBlue. Edwardian Script ITC and MindBlue recur in the rest of the infographic to create a visual connection and to form a whole. As earlier mention, High School USA Serif and Edwardian Script ITC is used to create associations to school and education. MindBlue is a Sans font and is used to create a more light and modern expression. All text is in black to secure the readability. I have sued different weight and sizes to create a natural hierarchy of information.

Orange and blue are the two primary complementary colors I have worked with. Additionally, I have worked with shadows of these and black/white. The complementary colors makes is possible to create a visual hierarchy and to create more attention to some elements. For example by using the orange numbers on the blue background. At the same time, the complimentary colors create a balance in the infographic.

The icons are simplified objects from reality but they still have a certain amount of details to make sure that the audience can relate to them and that they make sense when linked together.

I have selected the key elements and used them for the small sized graphic that for example could be seen at the website of the school. I have used the elements from the headline and the small plain because they very clear states the content of the infographic and at the same time creates a visual connection by using the same visual style.

All in all I have created an infographic where I have used repetition to create connections and a consistent visual language. I have created an infographic that clearly shows the process students have to go through to apply for studying abroad with DMJX.


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