Choosing the right font

It is very important to choose the right font/typography for the infographic. A good font will engage the audience and influence their perception of the message. A good font can increase the reading pleasure if the viewer.

It is so difficult to choose the right font because there are so many different options available. Some of the think I need to think about when I choose my fonts are:

  • Sans or Serif?
  • Which ‘mood’ and ‘meaning’ will the font give my infographic?
  • The size of the type
  • Contrast between the background and the text
  • A combination of different typefaces

I have looked for inspiration that can help my to decide, which font I want to use. I have especially looked for fonts that can create an association with school and education in general for my headline.

5f1b6ad85d1c5b330c333e5b66a32641 img-thing 41ccmvBBefL._SY355_


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