Composition of my infographic

For this assignment I have thought a lot about which composition that will attract the viewer’s eye and how the viewer will be let through the steps in the process. In class we learned about this composition that is used for some newspapers and websites.


Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 17.39.44


With this composition I need my headline in the middle, because that should be the first thing that attracts the viewers eye. Where step number 1 should be is a little bit more difficult for me to choose. I have searched for examples and have found a lot of different ways to do it – some in the left side of the top, some in the centre and some in the left side.

centered3 centered4 centered5centered1



For me it would be the best solution to follow the clock and put step number 1 in the right side of the top (where you also find number 1 on a clock). To make sure that the process is clear, I will use numbers and arrows to lead the viewer’s eye in the right direction.


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