Communication Objectives

I agree with @amyfrecklington. With your third idea it could be hard to figure out what the theme is all about. The theme could be about isolating from the world with your phone, that people tries to reach you on the phone all the time etc. I think you need to make it more obvious that it is all about dating apps. If it’s possible then show the stalker’s phone with a picture of the girl on it.

Maybe it could also be an idea to play with dimensions – a ‘huge’ man/guy looking at her from above like she was a doll in a dollhouse to get the feeling that he is stalking/watching her – and if possible off course with a phone in his hand with a picture of her on the screen.

But I really like your theme and I’m looking forward to seeing where it is going to end!


Concept Thumbnails

I really like your choice of article and your very creative ideas. Especially I like idea number 2. It has a very clear and strong message and doesn’t look too much as a commercial. Have you thought about how you can make the texture inside the fish so it gets a chemical look? I see this as a very important factor in order to create a strong message and to communicate the article. Looking forward to hearing about your ideas! Ida


Concept Thumbnails

I like idea number 1 the most. It clearly shows that you’re talking about money, stress (the head that explodes), that all you think about is money and you can see the piggy bank as a symbol for paying for learning because of the position. I think this image can be very strong!

I have one thing you maybe need to think about to make the message stronger – How will you make sure that it is clear that it is about students?

Looking forward to seeing the rest of your work!



Concept Thumbnails

Your sketches are amazing. They give me a clear idea of what you intend to do. I think number 2 and 5 will be the strongest images to communicate the theme of your article. They can create the look of a normal make-up commercial but add the aspect with insects. I prefer that you use insects instead of for example a whale or a bull because it creates a more disgusting and distasteful sense – and it is easier for you to take these pictures! I’m sure that your work will end up being really good! Looking forward to seeing your next posts!


Source Photos

Amazing photo of the woman! I saw your concept thumbnail and I have to say that this picture is way better than I expected it to be. I really like that you chose not to take the photo from the front but instead did it from the top. Her eyes looks amazing too, which definitely will make your communication even stronger! The only thing I can come up with is why you cut of her head? I thought you wanted to add parts of the other two source photos to her head?

Really good job! I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of your work!



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