The use of lines

Lines can be very powerful elements that can add dynamic impact to an image – both in terms of mood and how they lead the viewer into the image.

Thin lines
These are fragile. They can appear easy to break or knock over and can symbolize frailty.

Thick Lines
These appear difficult to break and can symbolize strength and make a statement.

Horizontal lines
These are parallel to the horizon and look like they are lying down, rest or are asleep. Think about fallen trees, oceans and sleeping people – all of these subject speaks either of permanency, timelessness or rest. Horizontal lines tend do give a sense of peace and relaxation and can symbolize stability. They can also suggest calm and quiet.

Vertical lines
These are perpendicular to the horizon. Vertical lines have the ability to give different feelings and moods ranging from power and strength (think of skyscrapers) to growth (think of trees). Vertical lines are filled wit potential energy that is ready to be released it they were to fall over. The lines stretch from the earth to the heaven and can be connected with religious feelings and an impression of dignity.

In my assignment
For sure I will use lines (as strings) cause I already know that the main idea of the image is a puppet (woman) controlled by the hand of a man. The research about lines can help me to figure out whether I should use thin vs. thick and horizontal vs. vertical.


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