The Process of Making Meaning

Semiotic is the study of signs and symbols and how they are connected to making meaning. Charles Sanders Pierce who is known for his contributions to semiotic theory, point out the importance of the active process, semiosis, when people make sense of signs and symbols. The meaning of a sign is not contained within it but is created in its interpretation. Therefore the process of making meaning can be different from person to person. Also according to the hermeneutic perspective it is all about being aware of the fact that the receiver is crucial to the interpretation of signs and symbols.

Using this for my assignment means that I have to think about the receiver and the possible interpretation processes. Do the signs I choose make the same meaning for other people as they do to me? According to the social constructionism, what people bring to the process depends on culture and social background. For my assignment I will try to choose general signs and test the ideas and signs on different people to make sure that the sign communicate my vision.


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