Communication Objectives

The main theme in the article is about Iranian women trying to break free of their husbands and to achieve equal status in the Muslim theocracy. Furthermore how they tries to fight for their rights but also the fact that there is still a long way to go. In the light of this I have picked following sentences that I want my image to illustrate/communicate:

  • Iranian women divorce from their husbands
  • Iranian women generally free themselves from men (husbands and fathers)
  • Iranian women starts to be mistresses of their own destiny
  • Iranian women are fighting for their own rights.
  • But I also want to illustrate that there is still a long way to go

I want to illustrate a woman who breaks free of something or someone – maybe a birdcage, chains or strings. I’m thinking about the whole idea with a puppet that is ‘controlled’ with strings from a hand above to illustrate that Iranian women are held in a short and tight leash. If I go with this idea, I want her to cut one of the strings to indicate that she is fighting for her own rights and to be the mistress of her own destiny.

I want to use dark colours that symbolises fear, malice and that she needs to find her way out of the darkness. Furthermore I want to use different dimensions to make the photo catchier. I want the hand that is pulling the strings to be bigger than her. The different dimensions should symbolize that he has power than her.

Feel free to comment and critique my idea!


Some of the pictures I use as inspiration:

Skærmbillede 2015-03-19 kl. 03.10.04


One thought on “Communication Objectives

  1. Your communication objectives are really clear in order to achieve the message you want to portray. The use of imagery of a women as a puppet controlled by strings but then trying to cut one free sounds like it will be visually really effective. The use of dark colours will symbolise your message well.


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