I started my research by reading a lot of articles on different news websites. I happened to find an article about a Muslim woman who was stabbed 15 times by her husband because she wanted to take English classes ( Immediately I knew what my main theme had to be.

For years I have taught after school classes for young people in a multi-cultural ghetto in Denmark. With my own eyes I have seen how the gender roles in Islamic cultures and the repression of women and their rights adversely have affected the Danish society. But the last few years I have seen how some women are trying to fight for their rights and equality between the sexes. I kept searching and found my main article tilted ‘Starting at Home, Iran’s Women fights for the Rights’ published in the New York Times February 12th 2009. (

The article is about how Iranian women try to achieve equal status in the Muslim theocracy. Television and education have made them aware of the possibilities to be treated equally with men and the new generation of women is determined to gain more control over their lives. For example we hear about a woman who decides to leave her husband because he and his father is beating her repeatedly.

Despite their will and the gains they already made, women still face extraordinary obstacles. Girls can be forced into marriage at the age of 13. Men can ban their wives from working outside the home, and can engage in polygamy. And by law, women can inherit from their parents only half the shares of their brothers. Women also face resistance when they try to change the law. The Campaign for One Million Signatures was founded in 2005 witch aimed to improve Iran women’s rights. Iran’s government came down hard on the group and at the time the articles was written, 47 members had already been jailed.

To put it briefly the articles is about how women tries to fight for their rights but also the fact that there is still a long way to go.

The article broaches several sensitive issues, is relevant to the society and gives me a lot of opportunities for making my image. So now I’m really looking forward starting the next step.


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